It’s That Time Of The Year To Start Christmas Shopping

It’s currently snowing outside and that instantly puts me in such a festive mood. Our Christmas trees our up and decorated with candlesticks in all the windows. We are constantly playing Christmas music throughout the day while we work. It’s such a beautiful season.

It’s definitely that time of year to start finding gorgeous treasures for your love ones. Our hangtag, keychains and fobs make the best stocking stuffers. I’m know I have friends and family who love dressing up their bag. It’s super fun and not to mention, who doesn’t like turning their bags into a bit of the season. One of my favorite things to do is grab a handful of colorful hangtags to adorn my bags to either match my outfit or to be festive for the season. 

So, have fun shopping and check back daily as we are constantly adding new items. This week alone we have over 700+ new products being listed. What fun!!!! 

Happy Holidays, 

We Love Our Bags



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